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Hello all,I am trying to set up a SLA statement on an ASA 5505 version 8.2(5). When I enter the command "sla monitor schedule 1 life forever start-time now" I get a message stating "%Entry not configured." What does this mean? I have already configur...

hello, i've this problem:i've a cisco asa5505 on adam 6.4 and a dvr i would like to forward the ports 9000 and 85 in order to monitor the dvr from outsidei've actually tried to follow up this discussion's solution

Hi Everyone,Im a NAT newbie so any help would be greatly appreciated, but Im looking to NAT an internal address to the outside world. So, I have a remote host that I wish to connect to an internal host, but on a pseudo address. So I need the firewall...

NES IT by Beginner
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Hi AllI have an issue where I am trying to nat the ip address of a server on my inside network "only" when connecting to a server at the other end of a vpn.I have come up with the config below, and this works fine outbound, vpn is up and I can initia...

Hello all,i want to understand ASA 5520 ACL limitation as max ACEs .in FWSM case is following link "rule limits" section. in ASA case, I cant find this information...

hr-kaneko by Beginner
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Hi, I have a ASA 5520 which is intended to use as a VPN for clients using PDA, I think the PDA is a very old product that the VPN only support CHAP/MS-CHAP, but seems it cannot connect the VPN, it will prompt "invalid username and password" (but in f...

With Kureli SankarWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask any questions about adaptive security appliances (ASAs), Private Internet Exchange (PIX), and firewall services modules (FWS...

Is it possible to upgrade the "Embedded BIOS" on the ASA5505.  I am doing some testing/configuring that requires me to have two devices that are identical.  Both are V03.  One has Embedded BIOS Version 1.0(12)6 and the other is Version 1.0(12)13.  I ...

gpask by Beginner
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  Hi, I have Wireless Client (172.31.250.x) in corpx segment (Secuirty 91) which are trying to access the webmail which is published over the internet. Email Server is located inside segment (security 100) on IP address ( Clients are...

What tool can I use to read the hex decimal ?  I see the sig version but I would like to read the code. evIdsAlert: eventId=1335933535873620518 severity=low vendor=Cisco   originator:     hostId: IPS    appName: sensorApp    appInstanceId: 435  time:...

Dear collegues, please advise.We have purchased an ASA 5510 with CSC module. Unfortunatelly, white envelope with PAK for activation a Base License was lost before we managed to register it. How can we recover that activation key?

tkmistral by Beginner
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