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My phone was working fine now it is not. I keep getting the errors below. Does anyone know what is going on?P: Intercepted Data Block 15 from inside: to  remote phone outside: block # is 15, expecting 1PP: Inter...

Hi guys:I'm having a problem with a context, I have two CISCO ASA 5550 (failover) and also we have the CISCO CSM to monitoring it, but since some weeks is showing a memory usage of 100% but then it drops until reach zero and then again the graphic go...

Hi,I am having to NAT an IP range on our ASA 5520 as a remote VPN has the same IP range.  The NAT is done, but for the source access list on our ASA do I need to use our natted IP range or the non-natted IP range?  I wasn't sure.Thanks

Andy White by Participant
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Hi,Has anyone used a pair of ASA 5520s in HA to firewall the internet edge and to firewall traffic between internal security zones such as web and application layers? If so, is this best done using different security levels or contexts? I'm thinking ...

de1denta by Participant
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