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Last night I switched out our old cisco pix 515 with a asa 5505.  The config is the same and internet and outgoing mail is working but no mail is coming in.  Below is a copy of my config.  Any help would be greatly appreciated on why my inbound mail ...

Hi.I have ASA 5510 and public FTP server from my local network to external IP address, with static nat translation. All works, but I need request to ftp come from internal ASA interface ( need  use gateway different ASA).How configured ASA for forwar...

clex12345 by Beginner
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HiAm new to cisco but able to learn new things very fast,pls help on conf router as a firewall,below is my conf of router and switch and all vlans are able to browse,i want my router to be secured pls//cisco router 1921version 15.0no service padservi...

Dear Gurus!!!!!Configured ASA 5510 ISP failover and working fine.My ASA as configured as DHCP server also. So its serves IP addressing details including mask,default-gateway, DNS server IPs.Here my issue is whenever my ISP failover occurs my ASA send...