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Problem with PIX 525

I have a problem with a pix 525 firewall that I recently aquired. I have setup multiple interfaces using NAT and PAT. Everything is working so far except communication from higher security interfaces to lower security.inside1192.168.0.Xsecurity-level...

Resolved! Need to change ACL on Cisco 2800

Can someone help me out with the CLI commands for changing this one line in an ACL.   I have to change it so only the following IP ranges are accepted for TCP / / masked the public IP below with ######'s ...

daveshute by Beginner
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Resolved! FWSM NAT-Control

Hello Friends,How can we disable Nat-control in FWSM, And if we disable Nat and if suppose i want to use static Nat command then is it will be effected in the configuration.What is command in FWSM to see NAT is enable or disable,as i know in ASA it s...

VPN Client cannot access DMZ on ASA 5520

We've setup VPN client with DMZ on the same 5520 and the VPN client(we use any connect) cannot access resources on the DMZ.  They can access the local lan fine.  I've tried different ways but still no go.  Please help.  Thank you.Here's my partial co...

hoduong by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA5510 "Blacklisting" Source IPs

Is there a way to create a "blacklist" for inbound traffic on the external interface or an ASA5510?  These "script kiddies" have never been able to penetrate the system, but their attempts sure do clutter up the logs.I know that I could procure, conf...

pootboy69 by Beginner
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NAC certificate

Hi All,we have ordered certificate from CA (Entrust) for both CAM and CAS. when I import certificate to the CAS, communication between CAM and CAS is broken. do I need to import CAS certificate to CAM in order to trust CAS?any suggestion would be ver...

URL Filter allowing subfolder

Hello,I have on my Cisco asa 5510 the URL filtering running with regex. The problem that i have now is that i want to allow part of a domain.For example i want to block but i want to allow people to access was looking on the ...


Hello,Can someone from the TAC check this tracebackThread Name: Dispatch UnitTraceback:0: 0805d0d31: 0805db772: 08a23d7c3: dd7a86d54: dd58d1e05: 0824915e6: 082496507: 086f57538: 086f58659: 086e4c2910: 08bee28611: 08bee7c212: 08beec8a13: 086e29d314: 0...

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