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Access list

Hi,I am trying to find out what this mean when used in with an ACL (access list deny log...); what kind of log is it ? and what is its usage ? I've been looking online but nothing so far.Another thing : can someone explains what is the best implement...

Resolved! ASA accessories

Hi,I am going to deploy an ASA in my network and was wondering what are the accessories I need to order with it ?-management software ?-VPN client software for pcs?(do i need it ? and what role it has and how many do I need ? )Thanks for your help

ISA server in Cisco firewall DMZ zone

Hi all, I have a ISA server that is behind firewall and it is connected to the Internet with static command:static (inside,outside) 192.x.x.x 10.x.x.x dns netmask 0 0 in my firewall.Is it possible to add the server to a firewalls DMZ ...

sfanayei by Beginner
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NAC OOB L3 remote problem

Hi All, I have remote site with above design. "login" is gray out in CAA. I run tcpdump on NAS, and I saw packets are hitting eth1 on NAS. In NAM, I got this error message "Unable to process out-of-band login request from [00:00:00:00:00:00 ## 10.111...

confusion of "inside" vs. "outside"

I'm curious if "inside" and "outside" have any significance beyond just a name for the interface. For instance, say I want to call my interfaces "internet" and "LAN". Should I substitute my terms for the terms "inside" and "outside"? A better exam...

snickered by Beginner
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