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Hi buddies,There are tow FWSM modules in cisco switch 6513 and vlan-groups assinged to this modules like below:firewall module 4 vlan-group 10,100,200,300,400firewall module 5 vlan-group 11,600,800,1000and then valns asigned to this vlan group like b...

Hello! I have been under attack  that keeps dropping my network connection.  From the logs, it seems to be from a SYN-FLOOD.  The source is sometimes and other times it is have done everything I understand to do in the rou...

I've got issues with a Firepower Module on our system and will be re-installing it.I've researched the method and I've never done this before and would appreciate a sanity check to see if I'm missing anything before I go ahead and submit the change d...

I need to turn on FIPS to be stig compliant.In my asdm, i can go to a FIPS page and it is unchecked.If I check it, i understand that it will use higher grade security measures but should I be worried about everything breaking if I do? Thanks for any ...

KGrev by Level 4
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Hi,   I am using Nagios to monitor our windows server using WMI. So I configure the DECRPC on our ASA 5520 firewall but i still see the deny on port > 1024.   Below is the configuration:   class-map MSRPC match port tcp eq 135!policy-map type inspect...

Ge Qu by Level 1
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