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what is the meaning of this error message.An error occurred while running the update script on the sensor named test. Detail = CLI Error: "tls trusted-host ip-address port 443 handshake incomplete."

s.breault by Level 1
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Dear Pros,Please could you explain the reason for the following pix log message. Firewall inside accessing outside (Internet) with PAT. Inside network consist of servers and PCs. "710005: UDP request discarded from to inside:

HiI'm having som trouble with a setup where the users are running telnet sessions through vpn tunnels terminated at a PIX running ver. 7.0.The sessions are disconnected after about 15 minutes og inactivity.I have tried to set a higher connection time...

hhm by Level 1
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I have two 515 failover pix is primary and other is secondary or standby.when primary firewall power fail then secondary is activeand again when secondary is power fail then primary is again active.But one guy informed me, the pix firew...

iqbalkhan by Level 1
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