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Hi,I have pix 6.1 firewall in the corporate office,I have pix 3.1 client in the remote network,I have setup the VPN access,I am able to connect to the pix from the remote network and be able to ping outside ip address of the PIX,I am not able to ping...

ssvrao by Beginner
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Hi All,I know it is not documented anywhere but I was wondering if it is at all possible to make a PIX boot from a tftp server. I know it can be done with routers, but have not heard it done with a PIX.Thanks in advance.Willie

w.strydom by Beginner
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I have a Pix 515 running 6.0(1) software. I'm trying to give split-tunnel access to a vpngroup, but am having difficulty with the implementation.Here are my configuration entries:vpngroup 2000clients split-tunnel webaccessaccess-list webaccess permit...

cnaccarato by Beginner
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i have configure the remote client/w cisco VPN client 1.1 to dial into my 1720. The VPN tunnel is builded successfully. i can ping both remote client IP and internal IP. now , i would like to know how to i configure my win98 client to logon to my Dom...

yong510 by Beginner
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setup:2651----- Internet----- 1720i'm doing vpn on the routers.question:How can I prioritize outgoing VPN traffic fromother traffic ( http, ftp etc.) ?

rocampo by Beginner
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Does anyone know if the PIX 501 supports a single external IP address for outbound traffic (i.e. NAT/PAT) and inbound traffic (i.e. FTP or DNS). I am trying to figure out if, with a single IP address, I can do both (since my cable modem provider is D...

prospero by Beginner
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-Does anybody know it is necessary to implement a PIX, before placing css 11000 in a web server environment? -What are the main differences of security between the CSS 11000 and PIX ?

1500967 by Beginner
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