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In my previous firewall I was able to DNS records which was helpful as we only have a few names to provide publicly. But now that I am setting a pix525 I realize this service is not available. I do not want to want to have my service providor adver...

r.barnes by Level 1
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Hi Guys!Question:2 routers with 2 FE interfaces each and PIX between them. Flow is unidirectional. Firewall is neccessary at this point.>--FE--R--FE--PIX--FE--R--> According to the document:

m.teplov by Level 1
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I would to connect two pix 520 in a failover configuration.When I ignite the secondary, both secondary's and primary's configuration was resetted. The cable's primary end was inserted in the primary.I premise to have modernized the version of the sec...

Does anyone know how to interpret the output of "show conn" command, specifically the "flags"?Here is an example:SNIFF# sho conn local net out in idle 0:00:02 Bytes 375 flags U...

mhussein by Level 4
  • 4 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes network config is that..A(network)-Router-router1-------pix-router2-internet..................................................| ......... server(Unix,linux,win200server)config pix open some tcp and all icmp,and using nat0...

kash by Level 1
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Hello Forum,Can I place a 1750 Behind a PIX 520 and have the PIX NAT a Public IP Address on the Outside Interface (Internet) to a Private IP Address on the pix/inf2 and have a IPSec Tunnel come up and pass traffic? My guess is that it won't work.If N...

jerry.roy by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Does enyone know why there is a version 2.3i of CSPM for CSIDS and one for the problem is that i have a network with pix and CSID to administer with CSPM and i don't want to have to stations to do it. how can i install the both version on...

ecaboor by Level 1
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Hello,I have PIX 6.0 with IPSec support. I have nat 0 statement with access lists between dmz and inside interface. Now, I want to introduce VPN client configuration. In order to do that, I need to have nat 0 statement. Is it possible to have more th...

Is it possible for the system administrator to configure the PIX in such a way that a certain set of users on the internal network who are duly authorized by the PIX to be able to access only one site (say, while other users could get to...

kunalb by Level 1
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I have two sites with problems with the arp cache and the alias command.It seams like when I use pix 6.0(1) and the alias command it sometimes respond to an arp broadcast so the clients on the network get the pix mac adress and makes it inpossible fo...

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