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Hello, We bought Cisco NCS 5501-SE which is "Smart Enabled". I've generated a token in Cisco site for a device. Do i understand correctly that command: license smart register idtoken [token]and internet connection is enough for  License to activate ?...

from88 by Enthusiast
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Hi All, Whether anyone tested time based ACL on Firepower ?Can we configured time based ACL on FTD via FMC. We are running v6.5. Regards,AKK 

AKK by Beginner
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Seeking guidance on an ASA licensing concern. Currently a customer of mine has an RA VPN solution utilizing two 5555-X ASAs that are already paired in HA. New licenses were recently acquired and need to be installed. There has been back and forth wit...

I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no, but I'd like to check just in case there's a workaround. Is it possible for the management interface to be shared with the SFR module, so I can manage the ASA via SSH / ASDM via an IP on the management interf...

Hello, I have a Cisco ASA 5555 with a lot of working subinterface and I want to make a new subinterface but I can't.AHUFOT-KP-FW/CENTRAL/pri/act(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 0/4.196                                                               ...

Hi Experts, Wanted to know about VxLAN configuration on Cisco-FTD. Also need information about deep-packet inspecting the VxLAN traffic. Does it require any additional configuration. A configuration document would be helpful.   Thanks in advance!

AMD29 by Cisco Employee
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Hello, We are planing to add another ISP and run it as a backup link, using IP SLA and tracking. The backup link is mainly for Remote Access VPN. I am aware of the concept of configuring a backup interface and use a floating static route, but I want ...

Good day, We have ASA cluster, routing is symmetrical, so whatever traffic leaves through the master F/W it returns through the same firewall, same with the slave.. According to my limited understanding to how cluster works (I'm network guy not a sec...

ahmede1 by Beginner
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Dear all, I work for a Big company that uses your system. I use SQL servers for sql on a daily basis but when I’m connected to Cisco Anyconmect I’m rejected every time. I have two questions:  1- can I do something ( server side) so that the VPN recog...