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Hello Guys I am getting a little confused with NAT's. Please help me understand it Correctly In the ASA Code before 9, when we have a Static NAT for an Internal IP, your ACL should have the NAT IP as destination to allow traffic from a Client to that...

Hi!I want to know whether FTD (without FMC) on NGFW can perform theses functions or not. 1. Tracked Routing- like when the firewall has links to two ISP, and the traffic normally goes to ISP1.But when ISP1 is down, then the internet traffic goes to I...

Hello, I have setup a Cisco Active Directory agent on my network on the corporate network which talks a domain controller on the same corporate network.  That seems to be working ok and i can see the agent is running and the polling status is availab...

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Hi Folks, Today evening, i found an error that "Interface 'DataPlaneInterface0' is not receiving any packets" error message on SFR, under Health Monitor. Is this related to interface issues or software corruption on SFR. Since data plane is a...

Hallo.The ASA 5506-X has 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of it is allocated to the FirePower software.This is too little, the MySQL database needs a lot, memory has to be swapped out to the swap partition.I don't need 2GB RAM for the ASA software.So how can I a...

I patched our FMC from to I am receiving a warning that states " Successfully connected to cloud, Number of files detected in traffic exceeds module threshold."  Is this something that will clear itself up in time? This warning was n...

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