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Dears,I met a problem of static NAT, my asa version is 9.6 . The topology:And configuration of devices:[R1]v15.2int g1/0 ip address no shutdown===========================[asa]interface GigabitEthernet0/0 nameif outside security-lev...


Scenario is like this:I have site A and Site B. I am trying to get connectivity between Site A and site B by configuring IPSEC site-to-site tunnel. On site-A I am using cisco asa 5510 ver 7.0 and on site-B cisco asa 5500 ver 9.2. In short one FW is r...

Resolved! FMC Licensing

Hello,First post here and I'm hoping someone can provide a bit of guidance.I've searched around and discussed with my peers and we all seem to have conflicting information around the FMC licensing.  I have a customer who currently has 2 5525X's with ...

Our Firepower is setup and working correctly for Application blocking, but the URL blocking isnt working.The Firepower can download updates successfully for firmware updates but under the Intergration option, the URL Filtering shows Last URL Filterin...

Hi,I have one interface Eth2 for failover link (statless) and another interface Eth3 stateful failover.If I remove the failover link Eth2 OR stateful lin Eth3 from Active firewall, will it failover to Standby ?From the cisco document, i read that, fa...

secureIT by Level 4
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Hi All, I have a customer converting from ASA to FTD. We are using the Migration Tool to convert the 4000 Access Rules and NAT's, and I am importing all the objects using the REST API. However, the REST API does not support adding routes at the momen...

ross by Level 1
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Hi allA question to the lucky few who have access to the Cisco development schedule: Is there any talk of allowing policy routing to be supported in the FMC GUI other than using Flexconfig? RegardsFredrik

hoffa2000 by Level 3
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