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%ASA-6-302015: Built outbound UDP connection xxxxxxxxx for outside:xx.xx.xx.xx/443 (xx.xx.xx.xx/443) to inside:xx.xx.xx.xx/57916 (xx.xx.xx.xx/57916)In which condition UDP connection is established for destination port 443?

Resolved! ASA OS Upgrade

Hello,    I am perplexed by the way ASA OS releases codes are structured. We have purchased several Firepower 2110s which came pre-loaded with release code 9.8.3. I opened a TAC case to inquire about the recommended release code and the response I re...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Firepower gurus:   Looking for input on two questions I received from a Firepower sys admin: Is there a way to block ALL uploads in one line?  Does this capability exist?Does a website or application that other Firepower users have posted combination...

rayelkin by Cisco Employee
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HiGood day to you I need your advice regarding FTD clustering in firepower 9300 let me explain what the customer is asking for • We have two FP9300 chassis and every chassis has two FTD security module SM-44• The customer want to deploy it as a clust...

Hi..just got my hands on a second hand 5510 but it has come with no image file. I tried going to the cisco support site to download an available image file but all the ones there require a licence to download. can anyone help me at all as I would lik...

I have a couple of ASA 5512-x (running same ios software v9.8(3)), one of them has the security plus license required to enable HA pair (failover active/standby).I was of the impression that you only needed one security plus license to enable HA.But ...

izzinwa by Beginner
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Dear all,I am doing installation a network infrastructure as the attached picture. Our purpose is to track a status (working or goes down) of the border router (ISR4321-R1)  or remote connection between ISR4321-R1 and KOR-RT1 (up or down). In case on...

haintnsl by Beginner
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Hello I am needing to upgrade a 5512 to Firepower 6.2.2.x. I am currently stepping up Firepower from several older versions. Currently I have IOS 9.5.2 and attempting to first load Firepower 6.0.0. I have loaded the Firepower Boot img file which seem...

jto by Beginner
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