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Is it necessary to use Firepower Management Center (FMC) to setup site-to-site VPN or RA-VPN? I am currently using the on-box FDM-system and FTD/system support diagnostic-cli.   I find it hard to troubleshoot, reading logs etc. Do I really need to bu...

steiostb1 by Level 1
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I have found cisco's config for dynamic DNS on an ASA.  However, I have seen many articles that the ASA doesnt support the HTTP update method that most dynamic dns services use.Does anybody know of a reputable ddns service?  Also, can you lend a samp...

can i have on this attached network picture how to configure vpn site to site from remote location to main headoffice location  in remote location i have  Firewall/router: Make/Model/OS Cisco ASA5516-X   in HO location  they have Firewall/router:...

Hi everyone,I've been experimenting with ZBFW using three routers, all running 15.3(3)XB12 and have run across an interesting problem. R3(Client= -----Fa0/1.33 [R1(ZBFW)]-Serial1/3 ----- R4(Internet-Rtr = When class-maps are configu...

I would like to configure my 5506-x with port 1 as outside and ports 2-8 inside on the same LAN (same security levels for all) with the ASA acting as the DHCP. I'm not sure what this would be called. Can anyone port me to a relevant guide or document...

jam3 by Level 1
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Hi experts, I have a question about API capability for pcap file. I want to deploy the following workflow system.   1, Firepower filter and capture malformed packets in accordance with IPS rule.   2, Firepower management center sends syslog alert t...

I'm trying to configure the outside interface of my 5506-x. I have a static ip from my ISP (Comcast) that I want to point to the outside interface of my ASA so that I can setup a VPN with a remote office. Does the ASA support NATing (meaning that my ...

sp7412 by Level 1
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As per title. Firepower 6.3.0 been out for 8 days now. Anybody tried it in production yet?   What's the lowdown on the good, the bad and the ugly?   We have a LARGE customer deployment that we need to upgrade from 6.2.2.X.   We're trying to decide wh...

matty-boy by Level 1
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Hi All,   I am adding a FMC to an existing setup of 3 independent firewalls (one Firepower 2140 (NGFW Version ) and 2 ASA 5506 (NGFW Version I tried searching however didnt find an easy way to import their existing configuration to...