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I have a SG52P 52-Port Switch with three VLAN's.  Each VLAN has devices on a separate subnet (,, I have had no luck being able to communicate between the three devices although I have followed instructions on sw...

I have an issue where if I use the Cisco ASA as the gateway I can't get to one of my Vlans.  From within the Cisco ASA I can ping the IP and traceroute it but when I open a web browser it will not go.  The only thing that works is changing the defaul...

dtsteinb by Beginner
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I deployed an ASAv in Azure to start vetting it as a solution for the edge of out cloud deployment.  According to every doc I can find on it, the ASDM should be installed and working.  However, I've turned it on in he config and when that didn't work...

Hello experts ,   I am getting a bit confused with the smart licensing feature. Not sure if i need it or not in my setup.   We are buying 2 x 4120 + 1 x FMC.   Required features : URL filtering , NGIPS , Anti Malware and firewalling.   Can someone pl...

marine253 by Beginner
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