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My access control policy has all traffic set to allow, and is then forwarded to my intrusion policy. My intrusion policy is NOT set to drop. Running show asp drop command on my 4110 FTD shows that almost all of the drops are coming from snort-drop. W...

Resolved! Port 80 query

Hello   I blocked port 80 through our Cisco ASA to a particular IP but am still seeing connections being permitted in the logs. The only configuration for the IP is a NAT statement mapping it to an internal IP. Any ideas why?   Thanks A

aok by Level 1
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I am currently working on a POC to achieve Authentication and Authorisation for remote access VPN on ASA firewalls whereby RSA server and AD user account is used for authentication, and the LDAP - Security Group (SG) member check is used for authoris...

damode by Level 1
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Hello, somebody can help me please, I need to monitoring Delay from my Core to remote site with IP SLA in Cisco Prime. I need to know if when I create the new Monitoring Policies I would use CISCO-IPSLA-ECHO-MIB or CISCO-RTTMON-MIB for this task and ...

Is there a tool or calculation guideline one can use to determine the basic throughput needed for an environment. For example, using the size of the Internet Connection speed, number of internet users, gateway throughput with basic NGFW filter exclud...

Hello,   I'm trying to apply a FlexConfig configuration for modifying the TCP timeout for some connections but every time I deploy it I get an error when the Lina configuration is applying: firepower >> error : ERROR: Unable to assign access-list CSM...

I have 2 questions. 1. Is there a reason to have network objects created in a separate domain away from global if all our administrators have access to all domains? We are only separating them to get visibility separated in the dashboards and alerts....

babiojd01 by Level 1
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Is there any way, or has anyone had any luck coming up with a working solution with the current verison of FTD for dynamic access policies on VPN Anyconnect clients using FTD firewalls? Can you use a DACL with ISE or a Radius server? Can you use LDAP...

klanard by Level 1
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