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Hi Sir:     When I setup the FTD to transparent mode and setup the BVI1 interface. It will show up the Diagnostic0/0 interface and status is ok. When I try to setup BVI1 group interface(G0/0 and G0/1). I found it's status is N/G, event I enable the i...

This is a dumbed down version of what I'm trying to do, but if I can get this much figured out I'm golden.   The setup: - ASA 5505 running 9.2.4(28) - ISP has assigned block of external IPs - ASA's outside interface can "see" traff...

Hi, I'm running FTD (Build 76) and the 'show conn count' output now includes figures for the 'snort preserve-connection' feature which is enabled by default in 6.2.3. My output shows a figure of over 28M for enabled, and a similar figure for ...

plwalsh by Level 1
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How do you open a TAC case for an ASAv? The serial number is tied to the ISO you download but Cisco does not know of this serial number. Its licensed through smart license virtual account. But how does Cisco know its under support? and what do I put ...

I am sure i am close but just not quite getting it. I am working on a 5516 series ASA with 4 vlans currently. VLAN 20 can get out to the internet and has a net range of 172.110.95.x and my desktop office machines are sitting on it working perfectly f...

Dears, Is it possibility of quota on download size for per user and to restrict a bandwidth for the youtube for a particular user. we have a 6.0 firepower and firesight with boot image of firepower of 5.3 Thanks

Hi, Versions FMC V6.2.2, FTD 2120 V8.2.2 I have configured Logging to a syslog server on my ACP Default action. The aim is to Log acl deny messages. From the cli on the FTD 2120 device I can see hits on the acl. However my Syslog Server does not rece...

iwearing by Level 1
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