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Hello, I currently have the ASA 5505 firewall set up to login through a DSL modem (passthrough mode).  On the 5505, I set up my outside interface and vlan to connect via PPPoE and it seems to work fine. I recently purchased an ASA 5508 and I've tried...

I am not that familiar with VMware, and I try to use Macs where possible. It looks like the virtual FMC requires VMware.  Does anyone know if VMware Fusion on OSX will host it? Thanks.  -Pat

Pat Fahey by Level 1
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About to embark on replacing some 5510 ASA's with 5516X's and have a question. On the ASA's we have the Trend CSC module and I wondered what the Fire power alternative is on the 5516X? Is it just the Cisco ASA 5516-X Threat Defense License Bundle or ...

$ sudo traceroute -A to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( [AS14618] 37.388 ms ( [AS14618] 16.184 ms (

Hello  We're trying to implement a new cisco asa 5508 firewall on our site, but we're having a few issues. Currently the firewall when plugged in allows general internet traffic from the internal interface but none of the internal servers which have ...

I have been asked to provide a report of a particular users internet usage over a certain time period. I am struggling at the finding the right combination of report parameters to provide these results. Can anyone help point me in the right direction...

Smorgan by Level 1
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