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Resolved! Can NSO use/hold SSH keys for PubkeyAuthentication rather than password based authentication?

In /etc/ssh/sshd_config you can set login to allow PasswordAuthentication and/or PubkeyAuthentication.We have a NED for Netrounds, but I believe it is set to accept PubkeyAuthentication only, and not PasswordAuthentication. Can NSO support this?

Resolved! Python check in service breaks service re-deploy and check-sync in NSO

I've developed for a service in Python a validation check. It will validate if the service.vlan_id is already in use on multiple devices which are added to a list inside NSO. Because the network is a brownfield environment we want to have this check ...

RobvdL by Beginner
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Resolved! How to have a leafref with multiple paths based on a condition

Hello,Is it possible to have a leaf with leafref as a type that point to multiple path based on a condition.For example :when "/ncs:devices/ncs:device[ncs:name=current()/../device]/ncs:config/ios:interface/ios:GigabitEthernet/ios:name and ../interfac...

Resolved! Perform sync-from before python based service instantiation

I'm trying to perform a sync from on a device before the instantiation of a python based service. I'm using the cb_pre_modification to do it with this code:@service.pre_modification    def cb_pre_modification(self, tctx, op, kp, root, proplist):     ...

Ben Kelly by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! How can I display only devices belonging the intersection of two device group when configuring a service?

Hello,Is it possible to display the devices that belgons to two device-group in the same time. For exemple I have a device-group that contains [ dev-1 dev-2 dev-3  dev-4 dev-7] and another device-group that contains [ dev-1 dev-3 dev-4 dev-5 ]. When ...

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