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Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.tailf.maapi.MaapiSchemas$CSNode.getNSHash()

Hi Team,   I am getting below error while executing a custom written action however I have conf-api-6.7.2.jar and ncs-4.7.2.jar in package shared-jar folder so they should get loaded in the Java VM.   com.tailf.dp.DpCallbackException: com.tailf.maapi...

mohitk4 by Cisco Employee
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Error REST API with JavaScript in Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO)

Hi, dears.   I'm new with NSO, and I'm having difficult to find resources about JavaScript with NSO. I'm trying to connect the NSO with a webpage that I did, but it's returning this message:     Access to XMLHttpRequest at '

Device is locked when using cronjob to checksync all the device managed by NSO

We have a daily job to check-sync all the devices managed, and generate the report to result in that some of the devices are locked in the report. But when I manually check-sync or sync-from the locked devices by CLI, it is OK, and could be sync-from...

Chris Wang by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! NSO netopeer2-server

 Hello all,   I am newbie to NSO. I am trying to connect NSO to my PC which has a sysrepo daemon running with a netopeer2-server. I do the following steps:   devices authgroups group authest default-map remote-name root remote-password 123 devices de...

mhemmatp by Cisco Employee
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HA Clustering, not using VIP

Hello experts, In looking at the HCC function pack documentation ( https://community.cisco.com/kxiwq67737/attachments/kxiwq67737/5672j-disc-dev-nso/2621/1/tailf_hcc.pdf  ); it appears that if you plan on doing geo-separated HA (Say, London, Paris, Ho...

ron.whitt by Beginner
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