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NED --ERROR-- java uninitialized cause java path changed

< Symptom > Reloading NED packages failed.   root@ncs# packages reload reload-result {     package alu-sr     result false     info --ERROR-- } reload-result {     package cisco-iosxr     result false     info --ERROR-- } reload-result {     pack...

yeepsae17 by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Device CLI vs NSO CLI

Hello, This question is out of my curiosity. Any reply is appreciated. My background is not IP Networking, so may be answer is obvious and i cannot see it. While onboarding a new device with a Cisco like CLI, 80%-90% of the work is to prepare the Dev...

danieles by Beginner
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Resolved! unhide kickers

Hi Team,    In the 4.3.1 documents it says to unhide the kickers use:    Unhide Kickers   The top level container kickers is by default invisible due to a hidden attribute. In order to make kickers visible in the CLI, two steps are required. First ...

Will nso have api can directly operate devices, without using the service

Hi experts, Will nso have northbound api (like REST) can directly config devices, without using the service,    in other words, I do not need to define the service to operate the device,the effect is similar to config device directly on the nso cli? ...

syuefeng by Cisco Employee
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No Effect on Packages Reload after Java-Code-Adjustment

Hi,   if I make a change to the java-source of a package (in this case of the sample vlan-package), then reload packages with "packages reload" in the NCS-cli, the change is not available.   In the following the steps I fulfilled:- Set up eclipse-env...

netsim iosxr device: info Failed to connect to device poi1: connection refused: null

Hi, I have created a netsim device. The NED is iosxr. I have changed RSA keys and I managed to do 'ssh fetch-host-keys' with success. Then, when I do 'check-sync', I get "info Failed to connect to device poi1: connection refused: null". What can I do...

bfinnema by Cisco Employee
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