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 How to rollback the configuration file with the name <name>0</name> from rollback configuration datastore per REST-API?Do I need a HTTP-POST-requests to start the rollback? <rollbacks xmlns="http://tail-f.com/ns/rest" xmlns:y="http://tail-f.com/ns/r...

DTtb by Beginner
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I've enabled the internal NSO ssh server on port 2024 and can login just fine.  What I'd like to do is use preshared SSH keys instead of password to authenticate that connection.  what configuration do i need to make this work?admin connected from 12...

We have written a java package with log4j as logging mechanism.  The logs from the package are seen in java vm logs. Our code uses a jar file which internally uses slf4j.  We cant change this jar.  However it is important that we log the logs from th...

kkuruvad by Cisco Employee
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We have built an action which deploys services for us. The reason for this is we are in an enterprise environment and our services have a large number of devices under them. This action allows us to add a list or group to an existing list of devices ...

Hi,i'm working on a usecase to test a communication between two versions of NSOs installed in the same VM with one ESC which is installed in another VM. First question : is it possible to install two NSO on the same VM without crashing the config of ...