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Resolved! DC design question: L2 extension. A-VPLS? OTV? Link?

Ciao a tutti,during a redesign phase of 2 datacenters (locate 500mt one from the other), we are wondring what use to extend the L2.All devices are 6500 in VSS (excluding the 2 at the top which are 4500), no problem on link to be used (it's a campus, ...

Max-.Aging Time

Hallo We are experiencing a strange behavior in our LAN, the MAC- Addresses of the Workstations that are connected to LAn but not generating traffic are being deleted from the Mac- Address-Table after 10s although the aging - Time is set to 300 s.Do...

giaaaj by Beginner
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Resolved! CCNP certifications

Sorry if this is the wrong subforum but I couldnt find one for certificates specific.I have become CCNP certified a few days ago, but I would like to find out my Cert Validation ID before the actual paper comes in. ( its gona take a month at least fo...

K4ze by Beginner
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Resolved! Bgp Planning

Hi,We are planning to use BGP with the following topology. But we have some hesitationsI  would likte to hear about your opinions about the case. Is it preferable to use Bgp wih such configuration what would be the possible drawbacks.Also in case I c...

Resolved! Router connected to cable modem by Ethernet port cannot get IP address from DHCP.

I have an ethernet cable on Fa0/0 connecting my 1841 router to my cable modem. The issue is that the router cannot obtain an IP address via DHCP when I have the "ACL-OUTSIDE-IN" ACL applied inbound on the Fa0/0 interface. I tried to allow all BOOTP a...

Resolved! New site design

Hi We have 2 new sites which each have a 40mb connection into the MPLS and are connected together by a 1 gb link. One site is the head office and one is the data centre. We are going to use OSPF along with BGP using prefix lists to advertise the nece...