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Is it possible to utilize the uplinkfast feature with the following setup. Two core switches: Core switch 1 is the root bridge for vlans 2/3. Core switch 2 is the root bridge for vlans 4/5. These switches are trunked in a triangular topology with ...

ubowl by Beginner
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Hi Guys,UCS C220 supports only a single dualport  P81E nic card due to limited availability of pcie slots, Is dual port NIC card has same reliability as dual NIC card or what is the chance or probability of failure of NIC cards. HA being  my importan...

ramkumar62 by Beginner
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Have couple of questions about assigning ports on the F2 1G/10G Ethernet module to VDC. Thanks for any help.1) Does the newer F2 1G/10G 48-port Ethernet module have port groups as the older 32-port 10G Ethernet module? If so, where can I find informa...