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Hello,can you tell me what is the "ingress over sub drops" counter in the following output (ASR1004, 15.2(2)S1)?asr#show controllers <...>TenGigabitEthernet0/1/0     21830397 input vlan errors     7712082 ingress over sub drops     18 Number of sub-i...

kissge by Level 1
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Resolved! New WLAN(s)

Last year we had a glut of resources. I purchased a 5508 WLC with a (50) AP license, (12) 1042 APs, and (12) 3500 APs. We already have 6 APs in the field run by a 2106. What I would like to do is supply wireless access to all of the laptops and iphon...

Hi.I've been reading the forum and the net trying to get a straight answer on this and can't seem to find anything concrete.So basically If I have a CBWFQ setup for three classes, af3x (55%), af2x(30%) and class default(15%). applied outgoing on a WA...

Is minimising one's use of the private address space to avoid unnecesary potential overlap worth the hassle of having un-even VLSM lengths?I am designing my first non-trivial IPv4 addressing scheme in the range.  Just two small branch offi...

dtbullock by Level 1
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