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I have an customer with a lot of router 801 connected on ISDN.He said me which he had an expensive bill from the carrier for each this site.What does the best strategy to find if there are some undesiderable call up ?Are there an document about this ...

lformelli by Level 1
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I have a new location that I have just added to our wan. I'm getting an intermittent net connection and have found the serial port that the T-1 is attached has had over 11,000 interface resets and carrier transitions in the 10 days the link has been ...

earleyk by Level 1
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To simplify: I can ping from network host on network A: E0 on RouterA, S0 on RouterA, S0 on RouterB, E0 on RouterB, but no hosts on network B. This is all while ping is executed from command prompt in DOS. But, I CAN ping a host on network B from ...

dpropson by Level 1
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I have a 2620 configured with static NAT, fast ethernet on the inside, and a 512K fractional T1 line on the outside. For some reason I am only seeing up to 64K throughput and then it goes no higher. When I kick in a download or whatever I watch the...

p.dryfuss by Level 1
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My Catalyst with 2 supervisors give this message:Catalyst6506> (enable) 2002 Jan 08 08:47:45 %SYS-5-MOD_OK:Module 15 is online2002 Jan 08 08:47:47 %SYS-5-MOD_NOSCPPINGRESPONSE:Module 16 not responding... resetting module2002 Jan 08 08:47:47 %SYS-5-MO...

pgasol by Level 1
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I have a 6506 with two MSFC2 (Module 15 & 16). One of the modules, in the 6506, is a Flexwan (ws-6182-2PA) with a PA-A3-OC3 installed. The ATM interface is visible and working on the Module 15 MSFC2 but is not visible on the Module 16 MSFC2. I would ...

nnavarro by Level 1
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Recently I have experienced some problems with logins on my AS5300. Clients log in fine for a few days after a reboot. After a few days clients can not log in and I am noticing a peculiar line in my debug PPP negotiate that looks like this; *Jan 3 1...