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7206vxr router crashes

Hello,maybe somebody can help me. I have a c7206vxr router and it crashed with theattached dump. Can anybody tell me wherethe problem is? (the mainboard is an NPE-300 with 3 dimmmodules one 32 MB and two 128 MB) Thebandwidth points are ok.Thanks in a...

horvaia by Beginner
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show ip ospf e

Anyone know what this command does or where it is docuemnted.Accidently typed it in. It is a non enabled command that appears to display some type of debugging information. If I had to guess it is ospf events but I cannot find anything to confirm t...

tdrais by Rising star
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6506 Config

Hi, hope someone can help6506 chassis with 2 x 720 Supv engines. I want to configure with IOS operation. No IOS loades on Supv, they are still in the box, brand new. How to load IOS and what IOS for Adv Sec feature pack?RegardsIan

netops01 by Beginner
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I have two 1720 router one is connected to one ISP with 1024Kbps and the other have 512 Kbps. I have three unmanaglable switch. ONE Where the WAN interfaces are terminated and the intercases which require PubLic ips . IN the Other two swich all the s...

rangap26. by Beginner
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