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I'm not sure if I have the IDSM setup correctly in the MC. I have the IP address as the IDSM card (assigned IP) not the IP address of the 6509 switch.Do I need to use the IP of the core switch or can I use the IP of the IDSM card? The documentation...

rrussell by Beginner
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The recent IIS 5.0 WebDAV vulnerability can be successfully detected with signature 5322. This signature is disabled by default. We recommend that the signature parameter MinMatchLength be tuned to a value of 50000. This will significantly reduce the...

mcerha by Participant
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I currently have CSPM 2.3.3i on an NT server workstation. Does anyone know what I need to do to move the OS to Win2k? Do I need a new version of CSPM ? do I need to purchase a new product called Cisco Works VPN security Manager?Thanks

fregon by Beginner
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Whenever I go into the Security Console and need to clean up the database (i.e., deleting an event with 2000+ hits), it takes an extremely long time for the screen to refresh. Is there a setting or fix that I need to install so it's faster??? CSPM ...

alll by Beginner
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Is there anyway to decrypt a password on a 3500 series switch? We have a switch at one of our client sites that we need to access, we have our configuration file but since the last time it was accessed the Enable password was not recorded.

rdunkle by Beginner
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