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I've run across something that has me curious.  I've been playing with user account privilege levels on some routers & switches running IOS 12.2.  I've found many webpages that explain how to set/modify the privilege level of specific commands, but I...

Hello. I have a quick question. I have set up a simple extended ACL. permit ip deny ip any any It is enabled on SVI interface IN direction with ip When I test with ping from router to a bloc...

im looking for a bit of help in the following    ACL – part 2. Create, apply, and verify an extended named ACL (named DMZFIREWALL1) to filter incoming traffic to the DMZ. The ACL should be created in the order specified in the following guidelines (...

Hello, For school I'm making an exercise about MACsec. I only still have no clear understanding of what MACsec have for additional security features compared to for example IPsec. IPsec secures at layer 3 and MACsec at layer 2. But what is the extra ...

Resolved! nat

Hello, Just want to understand this syntaxs. How come nating from outside to outside outside to dmz? nat (outside,DMZ1) source static any any destination static obj-server1 FW11_NAT unidirectionalnat (outside,outside) source static DM_INLINE_NETWOR...

Hi, I have below configuration in Cisco ASA. object-group service Spark tcp-udp port-object eq 5222 access-list ISP-1_access_in extended permit ip any object Spark- object-group Spark object network Spark- nat (inside,ISP-1...

S.ashok S by Beginner
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