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Greetings,I'm trying to update a WS-X6381-IDS IDSM unit that is currently running IDSM-sig-3.0-5-S39 to IDSMk9-sp-3.0-6-S42, but it's not working. The "apply" command works fine, and I can see that the file is being uploaded, but my connection is to ...

a.arndt by Level 3
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I am using CISCO 7200 VXR with 4 Serial links for internet connectivity and two Ethernet links. I want to enable my router as IDS. How I can perform this function i am using IOS 12.2.Do i need to install different IOS?

I need to setup the VMS - IDS MC and have some questions. Can anybody help, please?1. Would the VMS solution be an all-inclusive one-box setup or would that require us to build another or use an existing DBMS? If it uses an external DBMS what does it...

msmitha by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to enroll a VPN3005 concentrator with a W2k CA. I was able to install the CA Certificate without any problems. However I am having problem in enrolling VPN3005 to the Certificate authority.The error comes up on hte microsoft side as "D...

mnlatif by Level 3
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When trying to add a sensor in the IDS MC (VMS) I get the following error message: ErrorThere appears to be a configuration error in the General Signatures settings from the sensor. Please correct the sensor configuration and try again. What does th...

8rpalmer by Level 1
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Hello all.We are looking to implement IDS in our network. Here is a run down of our network. Two external routers runnning bgp to two seperate ISP. Also we have a 7100 VPN router on the external net due to the fact that we are using NHRP for the V...

dedube23 by Level 1
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