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Access Control

I am having many issues with my access control system, the video works great (especially using 32 bit versus 64). Can anyone please help me with some questions I have pertaining to the installation (performed by others, left to maintain by me):

Is the distance from the PoE switch to the Gateway 295' like Network Cabling?

What is the distance the Input/ Output modules must be from the device based on the instructed 18 and 22 awg wiring?

Do the DITEK surge suppressors HAVE to be installed at the device location (door strike) and the module?

What happens if the 1K terminators are not installed at the module?

I am getting "Door Sensor Down Alarms", any ideas, they are operable?

"REX Down Alarms", again these are still operable?

Gateways are having "time drift", in some instances up to 12 hours, any ideas of cause or corrective action?

I am getting incorrect badging reports, to get to the elevator you have to badge through a turnstile then badge the elevator based on access to various floors, the reportsing shows at times the badging of the elevator prior to the turnstile, any ideas?

I am blowing fuses in the Gateways, they are under SmartNet and being replaced but the last support call I made the tech support person made a comment "Oh you have the old ones". Any ideas why I would be blowing fuses within the Gateway? It is not just certain ones, it is sproadic.     

I appreciate any help you may provide, I am getting gray fast dealing with this!!              

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