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I have a simple network configuration  ISP==>Router==>ASA==>L3 Core. I am trying to add another link from my router to my ASA for DMZ and a secondary ISP. I do not want to add physical links as I would have to purchase another NIM for my router. In o...

Hello,   I've got this situation where I have a 3850 and hardware from another manufacturer connected via a 2 link etherchannel (L3).    Over this etherchannel I also run MPLS.   What I'm seeing is that the Cisco side isn't load balancing the traffic...

Hi friends I want to run waas express in 2901 router, but I encounter a problem with license. when I use "show license detail WAAS_Express" command, the result shows that, this feature is not exit. I used this show command in 2921 and see the the lic...

hi  need to know whats the source and destination ip address like below schedule  that i have to fill    Access rules Source IP Dest IP Destination protocol & port Application used Comments                                     ...

hi here i've issue with control plane policy on AS1001.i configured follow statement:   class-map match-all MGMT match access-group name MGMT class-map match-all ICMP match access-group name ICMP class-map match-all ANY_TRAFF match access-group na...

unfraget1 by Level 1
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I have read the MPLS Fundamentals book by Luc De Ghein, So I understand from the from book that cef needs to enabled in edge routers to tag or untag labels (for Ip packets). I am eager to know why Mpls (Not a cisco proprietary) depends on a cisco pro...

bava_ccna by Level 1
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We have 7200 series router to calculate the ip sla. One of the ip sla probe statistics  is showing as Internal Error and there are no successful operations for that specific probe. There are other probes on the same router which are working fine. xxx...

  Hi all,   I am trying to upgrade the IOS for Cisco 1001-x from 03.x to Everest 16.6.4 and I believe I need to upgrade the ROMMON version as well, but however I don't see ROMMON software available for 16.6 as it has to be the same IOS if I am upgrad...

krisvamcee by Level 1
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Hi everyone,   I need some help, my client just bought cisco 4331 and want to use voicemail. I've read about this in some articles, they said in 4331 voicemail use service engine interface for CUE. In my 4331 router, there is serviceengine0/4/0 inter...

2018-01-10_111016.png 2018-01-10_111101.png

Resolved! IPv6 RP questions

  Based on my understanding of IPv4 multicast, if I join a group on the receiver, RP will show a (*,G) tree. When I configured via the following command interface Loopback1 no ip address ipv6 enable ipv6 mld join-group FF0E::1 ipv6 mld join-group FF...

IPv6 Mroute.JPG
gongya001 by Level 1
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Resolved! Rib Failure BGP

Will a iBGP speaker advertise a prefix that is a rib-failure? I have a particular prefix where all its paths are rib-failures and it is not advertising to any of my iBGP peers.      

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