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Resolved! Cisco 881 router switch port

Hi, I understand that router 881 has 4 10/100Mbps Managed switch port and 1 WAN port.  If it is a normal router (without switch port), I know I can connect the router to 4 different LAN segments, each interface has its own IP addresses, eg 192.168....

limlayhin by Beginner
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ECMP group limits

Hi, I understand from Cisco that the NCS 5k platform has an ECMP group limit of 4096.   I'm struggling to determine what limits there might be for other platforms such as an ASR 1k for example.   Has anyone run into this before ? Thanks. Matt.

otn-cco by Beginner
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ASR1001x Out-of-Band Access using USR Modem

Hi Everyone,Anyone has deployed USR modem for ASR1001 out-of-band access? I have this setup, wherein OOB access did not work. I connect the modem to Router Aux port, but it is not working, it only shows blank screen from hyperterminal. Also try repla...

j10151983 by Beginner
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BGP Path Selection Question

I have included a screenshot with a logical BGP diagram and a physical diagram for reference.  I have also included relevant BGP commands.  The question I have in this scenario is "why does the HQ router choose .11 as the best path for the default ro...

scampbell by Beginner
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Hi, we have Cisco Nexus 5K used as plane L2 switch. 1 multicast feed server & 4 receiver machines are connected to same switch port. by default igmp snooping is enabled. observed receivers were unable to receive multicast feeds. but when i disabled i...

s4sandyad by Beginner
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layer 3 switching methods

hello everyone I'm new in ccnp routing and switching and I have many question about them here is my question does layer 3 switch have cut through forwarding packet or not does layer 3 switch  have anything new in routing and forwarding I read a docum...

Embedded Packet Capture on IOS-XE

hello    at the moment i have problem to capture traffic on Dialer interface which is assign to VDSL port and up load it in to wireshark file .i need to capture all IP traffic : I use following command that can capture only SIP traffic rest of other ...

engkobi01 by Beginner
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POE port in ws-2960xr-24ps-i

Dear All, We are using  ws-2960xr-24ps-i switch in our network.All poe port was working properly till last week.But from last week ,2 poe port is not working properly with poe functionality.when i attach laptop in switch port,same come UP,but when I ...

How to setup ENET ENCAP/LLC

Hello,I wan't to setup my 877 router but according to my provider i have to use the folowing setup items:VPI = 0VCI = 34Multiplexing = LLCHDLC framing = neverProtocol = ENET ENCAP/LLCWho can help me with a setup file? Never heard of an encapsulation ...

meijbergj by Beginner
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Passive Interface Doubt ( RIP vs OSPF)

R1>>R2>>R3>>>R4  All are in same Area 0 . Here if I configure R4 interface as Passive interface then R4 doesnot send any Route updates. As expected.  But why R1 link state DB is not updating ? why it still shows R4 info in R1 LSDb?    If I configur...

1 WAN link on 2 Routers running HSRP

Hey Folks, Looking for help... I have 2 ASR 1001X routers  for WAN connectivity for Data Center. In this scenario, ISP is giving a single WAN connection (x.x.x.x/30) with 2 physical links. Now I have 2 physical connections but only 1 IP at my end....