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20% packet loss on ADSL circuit

Hi I have an ADSL circuit at home and the past week its been bad, 20% loss when pinging anything on the internet and web pages are dog slow. I tried plugging the ISP Router back in, plugged it into the test socket and plugged right into the router......

WAN link bandwidth testing

Hello,I have a 10Mb WAN link that is experiencing packet loss.  This link is not in production but is connected to production devices.  These routers are also connected via alternate WAN links that are currently routing production traffic.  Our ISP w...

j.england by Beginner
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GLC-T not recognized by IR829

IR829GW-LTE-VZ-AK9 is the PID of the router. IOS is 15.5(3)M1. These are the messages I get when inserting/removing a GLC-T: *Jun 9 10:56:27 CDT: %MAINBOARD_SFP-6-INSERTED: Transceiver module unknown SFP is inserted in GigabitEthernet0 port.*Jun 9 1...

GRE Tunnel.

Dear CISCO Team, I have two ISP's setups both located on different cities. Yesterday, I have configured GRE Tunnel between them but neighbor relationship would't form between both ISP's routers. Neighbor is showing for moment into OSPF neighbor then ...

Upgrading ROMMON and IOS in one step

Hello, I have been tasked with upgrading a pair of ASR1002 (2RU) they are currently running 12.2(33r)XNC firmware and ios Version 15.3(3)S5. We will be upgrading to As per the release notes it is necessary to upgrade the ROMMO...

ntalbot91 by Beginner
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