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I have a Cisco vWLC, I have a Public SSID which is working on one of my site but on another site when users try to connect it sits in a state of DHCP_REQD rather than RUN. Does anyone know of any other issues like this with a possible fix. I am usin...

I've been forced to become a Cisco administrator overnight.  The company has asked me to modify our Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch and 5512X ASA to accommodate a change to our ISP, which will result in changes to our /28 block of public IP addresses.  I ...

dmcgarty1 by Beginner
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Hi All, This logg appeared on my router, what could be causing it? %PLATFORM-3-ELEMENT_CRITICAL: R0/0: smand:  SIP/0: Committed Memory value 109% exceeds critical level 100%  sh verCisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-ADVIPSERVIC...

I have Cisco Router that I need to access BOTH Internal and External... I run SSH 2.0 only............. I run SSH on a non-standard port lets say port 4232 This is what I have...... ip ssh authentication-retries 5ip ssh port 4232 rotary 1ip ssh loggi...

At present I have two DMVPNs in place over the internet. One hub per DMVPN. All spokes and the hubs utilize the internet for the DMVPN. I have one new location that has a metro-ethernet link from it's spoke router to one of the hub routers (this hub ...

Here is the ICMP ACL.....I thought i was supposed to have according the reading I did........but I am seeking advice.... I cannot ping my inside Cisco Router.......from the internet....I think I may have gone overboard here?? access-list 101 remark ...

Good morning, I'm in trouble referete the time zone in roteadres cisco 3945.I have the following settings, however the router displays the incorrect time. clock timezone GMT-3 -3 0summer-time clock BRV recurring Sun Oct 3 0:00 3 Sun Feb 00:00ntp serv...

Hey, I have a 6509 that shows in Process #1 99% utilization, however in other processes it is very low and overall 16%. why is it not spreading the cpu load? what can cause this? Thank You

Hi all, we have a request to set up remote site for a trusted partner where they would have a couple of high-bandwith PCs and run our applications The site link back to our main office by direct fiber link. We are going to install our own switch at ...

q-le by Explorer
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Hello everyone, I was stumped by an odd symptom, when I make a traceroute test on my router or siwtch to the specific internet IP address, the output always is  " * " as below, why there is no first hop has been displayed ? Basis on my...

DuJin0509 by Beginner
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