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Greetings, We are currently trying to resolve an issue where our 2911 router (15.1(4)M4) cannot see a 4G cellular card (EHWIC-4G-LTE-BE)Currently we do have and use the Verizon (EHWIC-4G-LTE-V) and AT&T (EHWIC-4G-LTE-A) in the States. I wonder is thi...

Hello All, I have a 7204 router that is getting an extremely high number of receive errors daily. Somewhere around a million receive errors a day.  I've included the show interface output below, please let me know if you need any other information. ...

Hi  I know in OSPF there are many states, DOWN, Attempt,INit, 2way, exstart, exchange, load, full, what about eigrp , is there any states like that ? I am looking to know that, is there any states EIGRP router goes through before it forms the neig...

VRF definition gives the option for multiprotocol support within the same VRF, while IP VRF is single protocol. Other than IOS/Device limitations, would there be a reason to not use vrf definition? Practically, ip vrf is a bit less configuration and...

I just recently bought (cheep) a cisco 2851 ISR, and now i would like to know if that could serve as a home router with ftp, web, mail and a gameserver on the inside ??? I'm not that confident with setting this thing up, its been 16 years since i rea...

HaKLin760 by Beginner
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Our apple server (static IP) is being blocked by our Cisco 2500 wireless controller.  All requests to this server are being blocked.  We have other access points not on the controller, which allow full access,  so i know the issue is with the Cisco. ...

Resolved! Filters BGP in ISP

HI everyone. I have to configure filters in bgp routers to deny all /30 routes and routes with the ORIGIN incomplete( redistribute on bgp). How can i made that with access-list? or i have to used prefix-list?

I am trying to use dual isp's connections on CISCO 881 by using static route track. I have problem that I can't ping, telnet secondary router IP from WAN(public address,able to ping from router console). This is the reason that secondary connection i...

rizyasif22 by Beginner
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