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Hello everybody, I have this problem for 2 days and I don't know what to do,>sh processes cpu | exclude 0.00%__0.00%__0.00%CPU utilization for five seconds: 76%/67%; one minute: 84%; five minutes: 91%PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Se...

Hi I have cisco 819g-4g when i install sim 4g and config the apn it didnt connect to the service provider If i take the same sim and config on asr1000 with the same configuration  its works What can be the problem?The 819g come with modem sierra mc77...

tikshoret by Beginner
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Hi all,I have been trying to make better understanding on remote-LFA.I read below sentence in some document..P space :-it is the set of routers that S can reach without passing through the link SE (including ECMP)Would anyone mind to explain that wha...

Hi Everyone.I have Cisco Router 3945 that has been configure with 2 neighbor BGP. and sometimes BGP is flapping only few second and its say error no supported AFI/SAFI.Could you let me what could be a reason for it?Apr 2 19:14:55.147 GMT: %BGP-3-NOTI...

Hello All,I have a 4331 router that has been configured with BGP. Presently BGP is flapping and giving error no support AFI/SAFI.Could you let me what could be a reason for it?Thanks.Log-Oct 13 00:40:13: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor pas...

I have 2 4500s configured as a VSS pair.I am using VRF-LiteI want to do PBR for a vrf with a failover to another IP should the first IP become unreachable.However the documentation states:The set next-hop verify-availability and the set ip next hop r...

glsparks by Beginner
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I have an Gig interface that goes green, but then it drops I don't see anything in the logs on the RTr, or the far end  Switch, I compared the config with a GOOD exiting setup and I can't find anything wrong,    has anyone brought up a connection tha...

wimurphy by Beginner
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Resolved! PBR on Cisco ASA

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here so probably I'm missing something.I got from my work an old ASA 5515-x, to use for personal purpose at home and (why not?) to start learning something new. I have 2 ISP, one wired (7 Mb in down, 0,3 Mb in up) and the ot...

Pounii by Beginner
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Hello! I am trying to set up the following topology, where the devices on the ends do not know the three middle devices are there.Device #1 <> NCS5001 <> NCS5001 <> NCS5001 <> Device #2I have set up OSPF on the NCS's to enable communication between t...

adamspera by Beginner
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