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Dear sir, I have a cicso 1905 router in my office  i have configured the dhcp as  ip dhcp excluded-address!ip dhcp pool LAN_POOL network default-router the dhcp clients not getting ip range ...

Hello! Can anyone tell me the screw size for the mSATA board base?   As you may know, there are two small standoffs on the motherboard where the mSATA board is screwed down.  Note - the screw hole in the standoff is smaller than the screw hole in the...

nallexing by Level 1
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I have a couple of 3560E switches running c3560e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE10a.bin (IPServices) and I've been trying to configure class based shaping for a couple of days now without any luck. The Cisco navigator website claims Class based shaping is su...

Benso2013 by Level 1
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I am having a problem with pxe on two subnets and Pxe is in network and there is dhcp there. I am able to pxe boot when i am in this network not in network. I am able to communication bet...

tofara by Level 1
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Hi Cisco Community, I'm having a problem with no internet connection on switch ports 9-16 17-24 But internet works well on Default vlan 1-8 ports i added subnet and nat i don't understand what i'm missing any effort of helping is appreciated Kind ...

Hello Cisco Community, I'm having problem with tagging  these ports are untagged but i need ip address like or tagged it's should be like this, 1 - 8 untagged 50,70 tagged 9 - 16 untagged 1,70 tagged 17-24 untagged 1,50 ta...

Hi All, I have a new 100Mbps internet circuit and I'm getting no where near the speeds expected. I know that the 2911 is not rated for 100Mpbs but the 5510 is. Is there an easy way to find out where my bottle neck is? I thought about setting up a Jp...

dan hale by Level 3
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In order to do non-intrusive testing with an inline device between router and switch, we've set up the following: Router Int g0/0 ip address ip address secondary Switch int vl638 ip address 10.1...

I am working to do the impact assessment of netflow on the existing devices. I want to know the no of flows passing through the boxes. Could you anyone please give me an idea as how could i find out no of flows in the network without configuring netf...

Hi all, I'm testing network convergence for OSPFv3 and EIGRPv6 and looking for ways to improve OSPF. Does OSPFv3 have iSPF support as it is not showing in the commands list under the AS. Also apart from hello timers and the use of areas is there an...

NetMonkey by Level 1
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