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Resolved! Frame Relay switching - DCE LMI down

Hi Guys,I'm trying to setup frame-relay switching. I was having trouble with the connection. I have 2 2691 and 1 2621 router. I set up 1 2691 as the Frame-Relay swith and to other 2 as remote devices. I was practicing the multi-point frame relay. I w...

Randyx by Beginner
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Resolved! Switch ME 3400

Prezados,Tenho, um Switch ME 3400, estou usando o link: para configura-lo porem não estou consiguindo consigo.Quero ...

Upgrade IOS Failed!

To Experts, Good Day!I have an issue of upgrading IOS Software Error: “Software upgrade failed” this is my current IOS System image file is "flash:/c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE7/c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE7.bin"  And I want to upgrade the latest wi...

WS-C3560-48PS port going up and down

one off our switch showing in logs 000895: Feb 20 12:02:26 NZDT: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0/16, changed state to up000896: Feb 20 12:02:28 NZDT: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/16, changed state to up000897:...

Resolved! Routing between a router and a L3 switch

Hi I have an issue where I have two sites that we are trying to connect via an ethernet port. In site 2 I am using the gig0/0 port on a 1941 router and configured the port as such:interface gig0/0ip address route 10.0.4...

ppickhart by Beginner
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Resolved! Inter VLAN routing with OSPF

Hi,I face-off a scenario, where the inter VLAN routing is need to be done with OSPF on Cisco Layer 3 switch.Can any one please elaborate how could that be done...?Regards,Ninad Thakare+91-814-991-6196      

Auto Copp Policy

Hi I have to install two new cisco 6509 with Sup 2T 10G modules.Now there is a small problem in configuration which is there by default.It is not getting erased..can anyone help???I am mentioning below the configuration which I'll have to remove.I al...

Resolved! Router and a Firewall. Unnecessary?

Hi, Hope I am in the right community to ask this question.We have 5 branch offices (Call centers) with a total of about 500 employees connected through Comcast ENS service. Each site's network has a Cisco 3925 Router on the outside followed by Cisco ...

Resolved! PBR and NAT Dual ISP

I have recently acquired a 2921 router to do policy based routing for my WAN links, as I was unable to do so with the ASA 5512. With the new router I plan on implementing something similar to below.I have a two servers (let's say they're both mail se...

1700 Router with 2950 Switch and Comcast Home ISP

Hello All,So I have been working on this for weeks and it seems no matter what I do it will not work.  Ultimately I am trying to get my 1700 Router to act as a firewall and accept the incoming Comcast Home connection, No Static IP.  I have the Cisco ...

rwmission by Beginner
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Troubles Adding Switches to a Stack

I inherited a switch stack consisting two Cisco WS-C3750X-48T-S switches to which I'm trying to add two more switches of the same make and model (also I downgraded these two newer switches to an older image version so all four switches match). Howeve...

offodilec by Beginner
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Serial Interface

Good Afternoon,This is probably a basic question but one I'm having trouble finding any info on.I have two routers and they have a point to point connection. I'm making some network maps and trying to document physical connections. On the one locatio...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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