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eBGP for Internet Edge iBGP for?

Hello experts,I understand why eBGP is required for multi-homing scenario, is an iBGP instance required when looking to advertise down a default route into an ospf enabled core? If someone could explain why iBGP is used in the scenario below, that wo...


I am having some problems understanding the CSU/DSU and DCE.  I  understand that a CSU/DSU is used to connect a DTE (such as a router or  computer) to a T1/T3 line.  From what I understand, the DTE connects to  the CSU/DSU box, and then the CSU/DSU b...

MPLS VPN over an OSPF Core with Frame Relay.

I have the following scenario going on for an MPLS Lab. The diagram below shows the topology:R1 through R6 are an MPLS core. R1 and R6 are PE routers, R2, R3, R4 and R5 are P routers. Each Frame relay network is a separate subnet.The core is running ...

hisham683 by Beginner
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BGP AS regex question.

Folks,I had asked this question earlier but just to refresh my discussion on the regex in BGP, I am looking to consolidate my AS numbers 65350 to 65379 into one statement.Is the below staement correct?_653[5-7][0-9]$The regex is supposed to accomadat...

Regarding Network modules

Dear Team,What is the diffrence between Mx serial (V.35) Port adapter and  Mx serial Port adapter. for both modules we can able to see in the router sh ip int brief as se1/1,1/2,1/3....... ports as convention. so is there any diffrences between these...

Cisco 3945 Ether Switch L3 module license

                   Hi,I have one 3945 router with SM-ES3-16-P module with SL-ES3-16-IPS. I am not seeing any license for this module in CLI output of my router.How do I add license for this module and activate. do I need IP Service IOS for this modul...

Resolved! BGP aggregate address

I am trying to understand bgp aggregate address command. I have configured "aggregate address" command under router bgp. Now when I do "sh ip bgp neighbor <IP> advertised-routes", I sometimes see next-hop as and for some routes, I see a downs...

Resolved! ospf default information originate

Could somebody explain me how is "default information originate" command different from creating a default route using "ip route <next hop>" and further redistributing in ospf using "redistribute static" command? What are the advantag...