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hello expert,recently I am experiencing an error from router log and I cannot decode it. %SIP-3-UNSUPPORTED: Unsupported ptime value.I need your support please!BR,Hardi

I currently have 14 US offices connected via MPLS.  We have recently opened a new office in Ottawa Canada.  Our primary US MPLS carrier cannot provide services in Canada.  I currently have a site to site tunnel setup between Ottawa (Internet circuit)...

Hi alljust a quick one, if I have 2 multilayer switches using hsrp or vrrp, and a wan router connects to one of them using a vlan for routing. Which router will ospf using for its route? or will it load balance to both of them as they are equal cost ...

Resolved! Problem NAT inside

Hi,a have a router CISCO 1841 and I configured a NAT inside from the router to the firewall like this :ip nat inside source static firewall_adresse  public_adresse and its work fine and when a added it I do this command "wr" to save the configuration...

z.elguesmi by Beginner
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Im not quite sure I posted this to right place because its about ip cam. But the main problem lays on my switch. Ok here is the problem. All the switchports are currently in the same VLAN's. You use web browser to connect to ip cam. (local ip address...

Jaekko134 by Beginner
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Hi all.As with this post, I have an 1841 and want to install an HWIC-1ADSL.I have tried the Software Tool mentioned but get awfully confused by the end result.My 1841 show version is:Cisco IOS Soft...

Hi,I have a connection to the remote site over VPN.and I need to alow any traffic from my inside network to address  . All other traffic need to go over vpn.(other side of VPN GigabitEthernet0/0 ip address A.B.C.D 25...

acazarkov by Beginner
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Refer to the exhibit. What does JAX do with link-state packets from ORL?sends out its updated routing table to both ORL and BOS routerssends out the individual link-state packets out the interface connected to BOSqueries BOS to see if it has a bette...

S9539245H by Beginner
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Hello All ,Need your help to understand this situation . Below is the topology CE IP - /30PE IP - I had configured  some floating static route on the PE towards CE .ip route vrf ABC 250...

Helloplease in my network (Tier 3 ISP ( WiMax Technology )  ) i faced sudden increase in my bandwidth traffic for several times , increased about 600 Mbps . please do u have any expectant of the root cause this issue ?