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Resolved! Source ip mismatch

What would happen if a router receives a packet with source IP different from the router's interface subnet. does the router drop the packet or will forward according to the destination ip regardless of the source ip mismatch.


Hey Guys, I have a test switch I am working with and connected to my ISE server.It seems to be using PAP for authentication but I  want to change that to CHAP or MS-CHAPv1.I have already done that on the ISE side now I have to do that on the switch b...

Nick O by Beginner
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Latency issue with 4431

Hello everyone, please need your help.we had an old 2921 router, everything worked fine, we had 2 DMVPN tunnels via ipsec and isakmp.we had to change the router 2921 to isr 4331, and keep the same configuration, after changing to 4431, the employees ...

ELLE22 by Beginner
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Routing question

Let's say I have router A and B and a Subnet Can I use part of that Subnet as a connector between router A and router B (ie., .1 on A and .2 on B) and have a route on A via on B. Will I be...

NCS-57C3 and ASR9903 RIB/FIB capacity

Hello,I am looking for a router to function as internet peering point. So far, there are 2 models that suitable with our requirement, which is NCS-57C3 and ASR9903. However, there are few points we are not clear about regarding to FIB and RIB capacit...

Seyma N by Beginner
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Interface gig 1/0 went to reset status!

Hello community, My client has a Router 2911 version 15.7 with an integrated switch, interface gigabitethernet 1/0 suddenly went to status reset / protocol down, which is the port that communicates with integrated switch.  When I do shut/no shut on t...

Bledian by Beginner
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Cisco ASA 5506-X Reboot loop

Hello,I bought a Cisco ASA 5506-X used from eBay. I powered it on, hooked it up to my network, and connected to it via a console cable. However, all that's being output is what looks like a reboot loop. Any suggestions on what to do next?This is the ...

KeenTitan by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco telnet line 2 and line 131

Hello, friend!I have Cisco 2951.I have telnet on lines Line 2 and 131. Can someone say must telnet be closed at all? Or it can be used for technical purposes on device?I never see lines 2 and 131. ( I know what there is vty 0 15 and console). But wha...

Cisco 1900 Series Router

I just received a cisco 1900 series router (For Testing and practice). unfortunately, I cannot login using cisco / cisco as username and password. Can you please advise me on how to reset this one? I have factory reses this router from Reset button o...

Resolved! Source IP

Hi Everybody, sorry maybe stupid question. I need to reach another server via VPN (in this case FTP server, i need to download a new IOS) from router with some interfaces. I can ping and reach this server when i use source from specific interface (lo...

sergo777 by Beginner
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Resolved! iBGP connectivity

Hello,I have a three-router topology with all iBGP sessions in the Established state. A PC ( is attached to R1's G0/0. The    link between R1 and R2 is also up. Pings from R2 and R3 to (R1 G0/0) are successful but pings from R2 an...

Topology.JPG R3 BGP Table.JPG R3 BGP Routing table.JPG Ping.JPG
NBenat by Beginner
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