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Router sizing requirements

Good Morning,I am currently in a position where I need to setup a BGP multihomed site with a AS and IP Block from ARIN.  I'm trying to figure out what the current requirements are for this (bearing in mind having to hold the global routing table).  W...

LDP Neighbors

All,I have a lab set up in GNS with a few routers. I have a single LSR that refuses to show neighbors:R8#sh mpls ldp neighR8#I have bindings on that router though:R8#sh mpls ldp bindings  tib entry:, rev 16        local binding:  tag: 19  ...

CCO account and download privilegdes

Please help me with my account privilege. I have a quest account on cisco website. My questions are following.1.Will guest account allow me to download IOS on cisco website.2. What is CCO account, and will it allow me to download IOS.3.I have passed...

Resolved! 4 sites; 2 x 4510E series per site connecting back to a 4900M - Routing advice?

Consider a deployment with 4510E's acting as the access layer.  One 4510 per building will have one dedicated port backboning a 10Gb SM fiber back to a single 4900M collapsed core/distribution switch. This is the first time I've dealt with 4500E seri...

BGP with HSRP and IOS Firewall

Hi Guys,This is my first post here but after much "googling" around I couldnt find any satisfactory answer for my problem. Let me just give you a quick overview of whats going on here.We have two routers running HSRP on the LAN side of them. This is ...

HWIC-2SHDSL termination command ??

Hi all,I am trying to configure HWIC-2SHDSL card on 2851 (IOS 15.1T) but It seems that the termination command is not supported anymore although searching on the web I did find that termination cpe|co is supported on 15.1, but in the controller shdsl...

Resolved! Bandwidth reservation

Hiwe have a HQ and many remote sites connected by MPLS connectionsone router is inserted in each site to get netflow statistics and QoS...this router is managed by usIn HQ we have many applications used by remote sites such as : web browsing, Antivir...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Resolved! Which IOS is which ?

Hello All,As I was reading the 11 different vulnerbilities release 28th sep 2011 from Cisco, It became clear to me, that my knowlegde og IOS version has been outdated.I have a large amount of 1800/2800 router running 12.4, this is ok, but I also have...

mbilgrav by Participant
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C3560 Cisco Cannot login privileged mode

Hi All,Is there anybody used to encounter cisco cannot login? Currently i cannot login to the two of my cisco 3560 with the password that i usually used to login. and it is strength to me that its Configuration register is 0xF. Please advice the posi...