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Resolved! How to have symmetric traffic in BGP Multihomed network

Hi,Is there any solution (except using PBR) for controlling the outgoing traffic to the service providers from our side?We want each buildings send/receive traffic go through each provider, while all providers can act as backup for others. For contro...

BGP MultiHome Symmetric Traffic.jpg
S. B by Beginner
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NVRAM Failed or No Good Sectors

Hi,I have a router and NVRam seems to be damaged or corrupted Cisco 2921. Can we change the NVRAM ram physically? because i changed the cf card and still doing the same. Router#wrBuilding configuration...[OK]Router#*Sep 14 15:11:35.471: %NVRAM-2-NO_G...

noorudden by Beginner
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Resolved! Advertise Preferred Path to BGP Neighbor

Hello,My manager wants me to find an answer to this topic. We have a class C public subnet that is ours, and we have two data centers with ISR routers with full BGP neighborship to two different ISP at each data center. Those BGP routers are also nei...

Resolved! Static NAT

Hi all guys,I have a simple static NAT config.TopoClient (f0/1) ---- addressesIP Client:f0/1: R1:f0/1: R2:f0/0: ConfigCli...

Ethan55 by Beginner
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Resolved! SIGSEGV error Cisco SG220 switch

After configuring my 2 SG220 switches I'm getting the following error when I give the show run command: SIGSEGV# *Jan 01 2000 03:26:06: %System-4: System rebootThis reboots the switch. This happened to both my switches near simultaneously. I can't fi...

BSTUN Protocol Issue

Hi everyone, I have a general question about some communication failure because of BSTUN protocol. Actually it is not certain but  my opinion. Issue is when I configure BSTUN protocol, this config running for a while but  after communication drop. I ...

Resolved! RADIUS on Cisco 1941 router

Hello everyone,I have a question about the configuration of RADIUS on a Cisco 1941 router.I am using Microsoft Policy Server as a RADIUS server for my router and I got it working but only when using the unencrypted protocol PAP. I wish to use the mor...

danielsffs by Beginner
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IOS-XE 16.8.x line vty 'vrfname'

hi,i noticed the 'vrfname' under the line vty. i checked it was recently introduced in IOS-XE 16.8.x.i usually use 'vrf-also' for our MGMT VRF and haven't seen anyone use 'vrfname' that much per my google question is, what's the difference ...

ASR1001-X 10G port license

Hi all, I want to order ASR1001-X with license for 10Gbps routing traffic ( FLSA1-1X-5-10G ). I need one 10GE port.Do I need to order license FLSA1-BIN-1X10GE to enable 10G port?Is there any chance that maybe one 10GE license is included If I upgrade...