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Hello Hope you are all right. I think I had readed most of below link. I have some question about practice. Hope can have your adv...

gdy1039 by Level 1
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Resolved! OSPF

Alright so I have a question regarding OSPF and areas.In this example, we have all switches running on L3 and they're handling the routing and they're all meraki.I have a main site which has stacked switches then we have direct trunk links going to t...

Hi,I changed 4G module with new one. The new one EHWIC-4G-LTE has SIERRA MC7710 and don't work. The old one has SIERRA MC7304 wireless. I'm using it with Cisco 2951 router, IOS c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M8. I try to install 4G module firmware - ...

Angis by Level 1
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Hi EveryoneI am facing issue on CISCO 2921 Router since last week. Router keep on rebooting automatically. Find below details of Show commands output. Appreciate if anyone can guide about the root cause of Router rebooting. There are no configuration...

Hi, there I am currently studying CCNA 200-301, I would like to know what makes a valid/invalid (accepted/rejected) ipv4 address. In the scenario below the first address is accepted and the last two are rejected and described as having a bad mask. Al...

AthertonB9 by Level 1
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Hello,I am trying to get the internal access point in a 1941W to work.  I didn't have the original configuration, so I reset the configuration on the 1941W and got that going.  For the internal access point, when I connect to the console and try to l...

In PacketTracer I'm trying to configure a fully specified static route. All interfaces on the routers are Ethernet and are interconnected with straight cables. The router model is 4331. When entering the route in the router CLI ip route 25...

keesepema by Level 1
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Hello, I have an assignment where I have to route 3 routers that uses VLSM with RIPv2, ive assigned all the IPs needed to the pc and router, but I can't route with RIP for example, when I try using RIP in router 2 and typed, it converte...

aryspoty by Level 1
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Hi everyoneI have a 4331 that was rescued from an upgrade process on a local datacenter, and they say it was working before removing it from production.I now have a problem with it, not being able to boot it up no matter what I try.It gives me the fo...

scut00 by Level 1
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hi,i got a new 4k router with IOS-XE 17.3.x and would like to "downgrade" to our standard code 16.12.xboth code have smart license enabled. i haven't registered the 4k to smart license server/ question is, is it "safe" to downgrade? or will th...