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TCL Script to reset interface

Hi allI've been searching for a way to have the router check the status of the dialed and if it's not responding and or down to have a TCL scrip reset the interface.Is this possible?Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

Resolved! Need HWIC

We are converting from integrated T1 to dynamic with ethernet hand-off.  We have a T1 CSU/DSU card installed on our 1841 router.  I think I need a HWIC to handle the conversion.  However I notice on the 1841 I also have 2 lan ports.  Can these be set...

rlenz by Beginner
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Ospf learn time

Dear all,How many seconds does a OSPF router take time to form an ospf neighbor ( Whatever is default broadcast mode or point to point mode )Any cisco link can mention this.

acbennyma by Beginner
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BPDU filter

Hi, I have seen this topology (attached) in Cisco best practice datacenter design.My question is, if your two DC are connected over layer2 links then why you would disable BPDU filter ?We do have same topology ,Two DC's connected over layer2 links(10...

Port Forward to Cisco 837

Hi!My cisco 837 is connected to a ADSL Router by Ethernet Cable. I have forwarded the telnet port from my ADSL Router to the LAN IP of the Cisco Router so that i can connect to it Remotely but it is not working. I am able to telnet internally but fro...

SRR-Queue and traffic prioritization

Hi - I have two goals on my Cisco 3750E - * Limit bandwidth to match carrier provided bandwidth (10M ethernet port, but only 6M provisioned) * Prioritize some traffic over others through the use of a priority queue.I have come up with this design:ac...

phoffswell by Beginner
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DSL Disconnection With ATM interface

Hello,I have a scenario where multiple branches are connected to Head Office via DSL links. The branches are located in differenct exchanges, everyone once in a while ALL branches go down at the exact same time except 3 branches and those 3 branches ...

ASA ACL between Interfaces

Have a interesting topology layout that I am trying to work with.ASAinterface Ethernet0/1description GCI connectionnameif GCI-Insidesecurity-level 100ip address!interface Ethernet0/2shutdownno nameifno security-levelno ip add...

Resolved! Layer 2 and layer 3 switch

ello everyone,Can any one explain the below terms to me?How to identify of find whether the switch is layer 3 switch or layer 2 switch?For example, If i have one cisco switch,then how i can idendify is it a layer 3 or layer 2 switch?.Is there any com...

sathyasav by Beginner
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Privilege level

Hi all,Does Cisco only allows account with privilege level 15 for doing configuration and save configuration? I tested that even I create account with privilege level 14 and manually add these commands (privilege exec level 14 enable, privilege exec ...

acbennyma by Beginner
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