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hi! We are currently looking into subscribing IP VPN connection between our 2 branch offices to the main site. I was told by the telco that they will be providing the router and that single link at each site can be use to establish wan connection bet...

dave dave by Beginner
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I have a problem with a layer 3 swiches ports that would have an ip address and get the wan port would have a Publik via dhcp so then the remote swichtes lied to on a port above the 1023 how can you do this running-config

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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Ok here is what I did; but doesnt seem to function.switch 1config tint range g3/9 -13, g3/19channel-group 2 mode onint po2switchportswitchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitchport mode trunkdescription Trunk connection for L2 Vlans to r2-Router  switc...

I am new to cisco routers and I want to make configuration to a router that if someone ping, or any traffic generated, by pc or any device, all the log should  forward to my pc, (or to my email).waiting for a descriptive reply,Zahid

Dear AllI have an issue with cisco 7609. You can refer the topolog belowPCs-------->Router(7609)------------------------->ISP A                                        ------------------------->ISP BMy router have connected to two Uptream Provider(ISP...

Hi all,I am looking into bringing up a remote site about 3-4 miles from my Data Center on 4 localPoint-to-Point T1 circuits. These are local Pt-to-Pt T1's so there will be 4 T1's at each end and I'll be providing my own IPaddresses. These T1's will b...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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