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I have a customer that wants to prioritize printing on tcp port 9100 and handheld scanners on tcp port 11590 in addition to the current prioritization of Avaya IP Office VoIP.  Web browsing would be the lowest priority out of the three .  I'm not qui...

sam by Level 1
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I have some specific traffic that I am attempting to pull off of VLAN 310 at the router, apply a route-map that sends this specific traffic  back down to the switch on VLAN 55 (and the private address) and once it hits the switch apply a route-map on...

Hi there,I am trying to do policy based routing with route-map, it is working fine on the way of the packet except at the end when the vasi interface pair comes into.The packet lands on vasileft interface which is in a vrf and the packet should go to...

szakacsge by Level 1
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Hi Team,I am looking forward to a 4-Byte Implementation, Can you please let me know the pre requisites for this new implementation.A.) Currenly in use of the service provider IP and ASN ,B.) In case of 4 byte ASN will the interoperablity be there wit...

Hello everyone,I  would like to get the explanation for the following.I have two routers connected with each other and running RIP in between them (Only on directly connected interfaces). On one of the routers there is a static route which is pointin...

Hi,I have a requirement a requirement of Live video streaming.we have couple of offices and they all interconnected now.if one office having any video conference it should be available for other offices users as wellone of the solution what we though...

Dear all,I'm struggeling with IPSEC with overlapping nat. VPN works perfectly, but site A can not connect to internet (site B does not need internet). I have tried route maps , but nothing seems to work.Here is my configuration. I did not but all of ...

Dear all,We face a serious problem with our Core backbone.We used a WS-C3750G before and ran BGP, OSPF, with PBR.But now, we migrate with 7606 routers with RSP720-3CXL-GE (MSFC4) and are very surprised that all 7606 routersface a problem when PBR is ...

Hi allI am planning to implement CBAC in a cisco 3745. Is there any special hardware to be installed ? Also will there be any performance issues with the CBAC installed?Mukundh

mukundh86 by Level 1
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Hi I am just getting into vrfs and I am already having trouble, everytime I try to add an interface to the configured vrf, it tells me that the vrf is not configured.ip vrf TESTdescription TESTING VRFR1(config)interface BVI1R1(config-if)#ip vrf forwa...

Hello,Please find attached case scenario regarding injecting IGP routes into BGP.When i tried to redistribute EIGRP routes into BGP, the redistribution was successful and router "Vail" can now ping EIGRP subnets. However, router "Aspen" which is an I...

Hi,Since I have migrated my Firewall with an ASA 5510 and I ve got some problem with HTTP download from LAN. (The HTTP Browsing is good and I've no problem from DMZ).My Bandwith has been divided by two. I have got a 2Mb SDSL connexion.I use NAT to tr...

avburren1 by Level 1
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