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We have an aging 2611 router that that we need to replace due to the fact that its 10Mb/s Ethernet ports are limiting our internet connectivity throughput (we have a 20Mb/s circuit).The purpose of the 2611 router was to route traffic from multiple de...

We will shortly be installing a Cisco 3825 router, to be connected to the BTNet service, over fibre.We will be binding many public IP addresses to the router.Is there a way of defining a specific bandwidth limit per IP address, or range?Many thanks

techdemon by Level 1
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HiGuys do y agree with me that MPLS VPN becomes useless in the present of IPSec VPN in order connects branches together?thanks

alsayed by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to apply qos on ethernet interfece but i am getting an error. BACKBONE_ROUTER_7609(config)#int g 3/5BACKBONE_ROUTER_7609(config-if)# service-policy output QOSpriority command is not supported in output direction for this interfaceConfi...

I've inherited a IAD2430 router but I don't have the ena passwords nor am I able to do a break and do a password recovery. I'm familiar with the password recovery process and config reg settings but this one has me stumped.The config register is set ...

Hi everyone...Trying to configure the cisco ASA to perform NAT-ing. The scenario is such.Currently, we have a network topology as suchThe link to the outside world is a IPSEC. The Ip addresses going through the IPSec are the 172.31.xx.xx ones. howeve...

we are ISP our office are in 7 different towns,but 2 principal towns and Internet connections from thesame provider and we communicate with the provider using BGP protocol and we use GRE tunneling to communicate between townsi want that whenever one ...

divine007 by Level 1
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hello experts , i need your helpi configured the bba-group pppoe on 3845 router .it's working , and the user can connect to the router , but only 100 concurrent user can connect , any extra users rather than the 100 they get the error 678 .any idea t...

Hi,I have a router 3845 connected to a LAN and other routers and providing internet through a link on an ethernet interfaceGi0/0LAN connectionGI0/1WAN connectionfa0/0Internet connectionNAT is used on fa0/0 for internet traficint gi0/0ip nat insideint...

Dear all,I have a small Q,in this scenario, we have a customer. The customer, does not want any private ip addresses sent over thru the IPSEC VPN. That is a problem, as all the servers has private IPs. Like 10.x.x.x.A small illustration:(LAN)--------...