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Dear all,What is the equivalent of IOS route maps "continue" in IOS XR ?Would this be nesting another policy after the pass statement ?TIASamir

I got question from my customer that he configure ISRg2, when he try "show ip int brief", he see that router has tunnel0 and use same IP address as Gi0.#sh ip int briefInterface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protoc...

well thanks to you guys i got the wireless up and working. one more issue, its that the clients take time to get an ip address and the ok light on the routers wireless side is blinking and not steady do i get it steady and decrease the time f...

Hello,I have a question about the GSR RP active and standby selection procedure.As i know the default behaviour is when the GSR boots it selects the RP in the lower slot as active and the other one will be standby.Can this behaviour be changed ? how ...

Hi, just  I want to hear your opinion about the following:Imagine organization has 2xT1 with access to MPLS. Then organization suffers outage due to a fiber cut near the Central Office. Customer now wants protection mainly against fiber cuts and also...

news2010a by Level 3
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I'm currently working on bonding MultipleDS3's (5). I've migrated about 150 Mbits to it thus far, and it seems to work fine, except when testing the speed across the link. A speedtest seems to max at around 10-15 Mbs, I'm also running a transparent b...

drwho1717 by Level 1
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Hello Group,I want to use 1841 router for implementation in one project but I could not find out from where I can get End of Sale, End of Life and End of Support details for this router, can any one please provide some links so that I can dig out Cis...

Jigar Dave by Level 3
  • 10 replies
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Hello,I Erased startup as well as running config after upgrading the IOS, now I want to restore my running config back again ,but i m not sure how to generate the keys by the below configs.i copied the below configs but it does'nt display long keys a...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hi FriendsI have an Cisco ME3400-24TS-A Switch with is not behaving normal.I have already erased its flash, uploaded new IOS but  could not fix the issue.However it boots normally and pass all tests show in boot process.Issue is this the i cant acces...

tsolution by Level 1
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Hi all,Been doing this most of the day, trying to configure cisco 800 series in bridge mode which is MPoACan anyone help, my config isno ip routingno ip cef!!!!no ip domain lookupip domain name ****.***!!!username **** password 0 ****!!!bridge irb!!!...