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I have 5 routers that have been configured for MPLS VPN without LDP.R1, R2, and R3 are connected to R4 and R33 is connected to R3.Both overlay and underlay are in BGP (VPNV4 and IPV4) but I want to separate them and not use BGP for underlay.In R33 wh...

mmaamm238 by Level 1
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I have a C9300L as the Core switch where I have the interface vlans configured for the L3 and I have some C9200L as the access switches for the end users.In the Core C9300, I have the DHCP server and the pools configured and some users are not receiv...

I don't understand what is going on here. I have a domain on the enforced whitelist. When I test the policies, the domain is always allowed. But when I try to visit the site, I get "This site is blocked due to content filtering" block page. The diagn...

anfare by Level 1
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The ISP, from the fiber terminal (a Cisco ASR), gave me an ethernet cable on the WAN subnet: IP is the ISP's gateway.On the ethernet port 'eth0' of the 4431 I set the IP to, on the other ethernet port 'eth1' of...

isquare by Level 1
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hi,i am working on a customer router requirement.below is the requirement. need urgent suggestion on which model (lowest) complies with it.  Form FactorRack Mountable ChassisEnvironmentMaintain International Quality Environmental Safety StandardShoul...

Hello expert, I am new to QoS configuration on the ASR920. I have created the policy map below. The goal is to prioritize the Class PLATINUM during congestion. If Class PLATINUM requires more bandwidth than allocated, it should be able to receive add...

aljoush12 by Level 1
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