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Hello i am having a strange issue with my 899G-LTE Router. I think the problem is from T-mobile but im not sure how to approach it with them.I have a sim card (sim1.png) that when placed in this router and i do a speed test, i get the speeds as shown...

comenyi1 by Beginner
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6 classes with one pc each . Internet connection, 1 printer, wifi, 8 tablets with fixed ip address, NAS. this is the project i need to do I dont know much about Packet tracer maybe someone who can help me. I would like to implement a firewall i dont ...

Hello,I would like to user the temp Security K9 license but when I put in the command, I get something different. I am used at seeing the bellow output. Router(config)#license boot level ?  appxk9      Appx License Level  securityk9  Security License...

BigK by Beginner
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I am looking at making HSRP aware of a DHCP relay on a number of SVI's in a Catalyst 9400 series switch. The command that i have found to make an interface aware of DHCP relay is :ip helper-address redundancy HSRP_1but the "redundancy" <n...

Hi there!I have 2 VLANs which and hosts from these VLANs has access to the Internet. I need to limit the bandwidth for these VLANs and allow them to use 500Mbps per VLAN since bandwidth is 1Gbit/sHow I can reach this goal? I use CISCO ASR-1001-X rout...

arudakov by Beginner
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Hello everyone, please need your help.we had an old 2921 router, everything worked fine, we had 2 DMVPN tunnels via ipsec and isakmp.we had to change the router 2921 to isr 4331, and keep the same configuration, after changing to 4431, the employees ...

ELLE22 by Beginner
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Hi,  I would like to understand which IP Multicast routing capabilities (PIM variants) will be supported in the (very) long term future on the Catalyst 8200 and Catalyst 8300 router models with traditional networking (no SDWAN). Where could I get som...

JAN MARIS by Beginner
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I need to route 2 networks through 4431 out separate interfaces. I currently have a default route -  ip route (G0/0/0) Now, I need VLAN 50 traffic to route to G0/0/2 specifically. !interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0ip address 10...

jwilder01 by Beginner
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Hello.If we have some static routes example we have 10, then how we can redistribute 4 of 10 static route to ospf?

hs08 by Beginner
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